All security officers are posted according to the computerized “Easy Roster” system. This allocates guards their positions and shift times, at the beginning of each working month. Theguards are given their roster a week before the end of each month, so as to avoid complications and to make amendments where necessary. The security officer’s leave and the relievers for the specific sites are taken into account in this roster. In our experience, self-posting is more effective, as it produces a guard with improved morale and integrity, due to easy access to his family. Should a guard not register within the required time frame, the control room is notified and a vehicle within the area, transports relievers to the site to fill the position.


By using the guard monitoring patrolling system, we have found that guards perform better and render a better service. We can monitor from our control room centre exactly the following things are happening on any particular site.

  • Time the guard reports on duty at the premises.
  • Time the guard reports off duty from premises.
  • Half hourly clocking by the guard.
  • Quarter hourly clocking by the guard.
  • Whether the control unit is being tampered with.
  • Failure to carry out or complete a patrol.
  • When assistance is required due to fire or any other emergency.
  • 24 hours Armed Reaction.


    We have our own control centre that is managed by competent, well trained officers 24 hours per day, to ensure quick and efficient response to any problem or request that may arise on site. We therefore, have direct communication between all our sites, over the radios and cell phones this gives us complete control over our operations from one centre point. Therefore, it says it all we are fully subdue our services.



    We believe that training is the cornerstone of our service delivery as it not only improves skills,but also promotes healthy interaction which builds and motivates the entire staff complementin a competent pro-active unit. Training of our personnel is as important as the selection process and is ongoing. The Field Managers are responsible for the initial SOP training of new Security Officers on a site. They are also responsible for the ongoing training of guards to prevent complacency and to ensure that they perform in line with their SOP’s, and job descriptions so as to provide continuity inservice.
    Our On-site Trainer will continue with on-the-job training, by means of mini-lectures covering topics like:

    • Discipline and Dress Code
    • Public relations and telephone procedures
    • ¬†Duties towards clients and other employees

    The On-Site Trainer will also conduct ongoing assessments of staff, to determine any further training requirements.
    Monthly planning will be done in conjunction with the client to establish a training program to
    Improve the skills of the security officers


  • Professionally trainedguards (Armed& Unarmed)
  • Security Consultancy, advisory & Policy
  • Intelligence and investigation
  • Threat Risk Assessment & Awareness Programme
  • Security Risk Management (Functions & Events)
  • Residential complexes/Office parks/Factories/Commercial etc.
  • Access control/ 24 Hour Control Room Centre
  • Under cover guards/Special private guards/Bouncers
  • Rapid Response/Crowd control
  • Retail Security Services