Our vision is to be the preferred provider of risk management services in the product lines we offer.


Our mission is to provide comprehensive security services regionally and nationally to the satisfaction of our customers enabling our employees and shareholders to grow in the process.


  • Curb unemployment and contribute to the reduction in crime
  • Comply with all legislatures governing the private security sector
  • Uphold the image of the private security service by providing security services that will stand out from others
  • Deliver quality services at competitive prices
  • Provide customers with personalized exclusive services ensuring safe and secure environments


Remove worries for clients who require security for buildings, facilities and events by providing excellent customer service and in depth training for employees.

  • Play a key role in the crime prevention strategy and amass development of previously disadvantaged security guards in the security industry of South Africa as well as pave the way for similar service providers.
  • To provide a responsible, effective and higher quality security services with honesty and integrity.


Our core management is young and vibrant and moves with changes in service delivery and technology. We believe in transparency and support our clients and employees in suggestions and changes.
We see ourselves as business partners, not merely services providers. Client services are one of the core values of our company. Its gives us the cutting edge and a measureable point in difference .All our staff assigned to our client’s sites are fully trained to fulfil a vital role in the service required by our client. Prior to commencing our service we will liaise with the client to identify and discuss individual needs



At, Sheltered Ward we see ourselves as business partners, not merely service providers. Client Service is one of the core values of our company. It’s what gives us our cutting edge and a measurable point of difference. Our Operations and Management teams are the leaders driving the overall performance of our team.
All Sheltered Ward staff assigned to our client’s sites is fully trained to fulfil a vital role in the service required by our client. They have knowledge of specific security needs as well as internal and external risks within a company. On investigation of discussions we recommend conducting a detailed risk analysis at the customer site. This will enable us to assess whether all areas of potential risk have been identified, whether the manpower allocation is sufficient and whether any additional, integrated equipment or services are required, which will enable us to present yourselves with a decisive solution. Prior to commencing our service, we will liaise with the client to identify and discuss individual needs. These will be incorporated into comprehensive, site specific procedures. These site procedures are laid out in a standard format and pre commencement training is done with our security officers during a site induction. This SOP remains in the security office on site and the officer’s receive feedback to ensure they are complying with their specific duties. Our supervisory and operational management teams monitor ongoing compliance with these procedures.


Sheltered Ward has made a conscious and deliberate decision at Senior Management level, to provide hands on personalized service through our Service and Operations Management which is unique to Fostertech and proving to be the key to success in managing sites effectively. There is a tendency within the industry for service providers to grow, while the service levels tend to and. This is often due to the shear number of personnel involved, and not having easy access to the decision makers within the organization.